Navi Zwischenstueck


It started in 1976 during my study period with the red Cocker Spaniel bitch „Donna“ from a pet shop.

As she died at an accident my sadness was great and on the spot a Spaniel should come in our family again.

“Niki” (Picador of Hilltop), a 2 years old blue roan male from the Kennel of Rosemary Charrington from Hallein near Salzburg entered our life.

With him and through him we learned hunting with flushing Spaniels and already in autumn 1978 “Anschi von der Scheuchermühle” – a black and tan bitch – moved into our lives.

Remarkable show results and especially the successful passing of hunting tests infected us with the Spaniel virus.

With the first litter solid coloured Cocker Spaniels on 6.1.1981 (both parents tested in field trials) in my kennel “Hatstone’s” a succesful breeding started, which was continued with the first litter Welsh Springer Spaniels in Austria and persists to this day.

WSS Puppy

In 2000 the last litter Cocker Spaniels was bred and since then the breeding focus is on Welsh Springer Spaniels.

Imports of Welsh Springer Spaniels from Czech Republic and France formed a health breeding stock, the progeny is successful in shows and the daily use as gundogs.

My breeding aim was and is always “Beauty combined with natural abilities” – dual purpose – with special consideration on health and character of the breeding stock and the puppies.

Pleased owners of “Hatstone’s” Spaniels are living in different European countries.